When Darkness Falls

When darkness falls and my heart is in despair,
I go through life without a single care.
When my heart is bitter and my soul is empty,
And the joy of others is what I envy.
When the night gathers and the demons come out,
After watching and waiting they enter my thought.
The oceans roar and the winds they howl,
Then thunder rolls and I hear the call.
The call of the storm so contrite and dreadful,
Raining down lightening on we mortal fools.

When darkness falls and there’s no one near,
My true self comes out and my sins lay bear.
Those hidden desires, those secret thoughts,
Those bad intensions that no one can know about.
I weep and I scream but still no one hears,
With tears bleeding out for the torture my soul bares.
The suffering, the pain, the anguish and strife,
That can easily end with the sharp edge of a knife.
A simple slit that’s all it would take,
To end the misery and the happiness I fake.

When darkness falls and I can’t see clear,
It’s the unknown and uncertainty that I fear.
The sun has set and the long night has come,
Not a glimmer of hope can be found in this earthly Kingdom.
Void of life, emotions and feelings,
Void of any hope for a happy ending.
The night brings nothingness and destroys the light,
Of everyone whose soul once burned bright.
One day it may shine again,
But until that day I’ll relish the pain.


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